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The Caribbean and African Targeted Health Improvement Programme (CATHIP) is a partnership of 6 black organisations; Croydon BME Forum, Caribbean African Health Network (CAHN) , RAFFA International Development Agency, Black Health Initiative, The Royal Assembly Redeemed Christian Church of God and Enfield Caribbean Association.

What is CATHIP Health Hour?
Weekly sessions with Black GPs and Senior Consultants offering a free session on health-related issues that affect our black community such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Obesity etc.

We look forward each week to members of the community joining us, as we talk about these different health issues, which are prevalent in the black community.

We have designed an insightful and interactive ‘Health Hour’ session, which takes place every Saturday at 11.00 am – 12.15 noon, via Zoom, YouTube and Facebook.

Join via Facebook Health Hour Facebook 

Join via Zoom-

The programme consists of;

  • Online presentations and discussions with black reputable medical Consultants, Dr, GP’s and other allied health practitioners
  • Relevant health topics selected by the community for the community
  • Question-and-answer sessions with the public
  • Powerful stories by people who have lived experience of various conditions
  • Support & empowerment of the audience to better self-care and management of conditions
  • Improved confidence and understanding to engage with health practitioners and the wider health system

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Partner with us

Support our worthy campaign to ‘Eradicate health disparities for the Caribbean and African communities in the UK within a generation’

  • By joining our sessions to see and experience for yourself what we are so excited about
  • By sending our weekly information to your family & friends
  • Sharing your personal message about the usefulness of the programme
  • By sending out our social media messages or tagging us in
  • Adding our information to your blogs
  • Through including our health messages in your regular communications to your membership encouraging them to attend the sessions

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