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Croydon BME Forum (CBMEF) have partnered with the NHS, on a COVID-19 vaccines uptake project in support of Black African and Black African Caribbean communities. The aim is to address the mistrust and conflicting information people in these communities have around COVID-19, including hesitancy around vaccinations.

CBMEF will be facilitating five online sessions addressing topics including Long Covid, vaccinations and how to cope with anxieties and concerns around COVID-19. Healthcare professionals will be in attendance, giving talks and answering questions attendees may have. It is hoped these sessions will provide people with accurate and up to date information, which will allow them to make informed decisions regarding vaccinations and other ways of preventing serious illness from COVID-19.

It is important to hear the voices of African and Caribbean communities in discussions, relating to the uptake in COVID-19 vaccines. For this reason, four focus groups will take place. These will aim to accumulate information on the concerns people have around receiving the vaccine and how these worries can be addressed, by both statutory and voluntary organisations.

Regular updates about this project will be given via our social media platforms. Please keep an eye on there for these.

If you would like to participate in the focus groups, attend the online sessions or would like more information about this project,
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