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Croydon Independent Advisory Group


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Croydon IAG Group 

The Croydon Independent Advisory Group (IAG) is working with South London and Maudsley (SLaM) to try to make improvements regarding the support that SLaM offers to Foster Carers and the children that they look after in the borough.

The focus of this group is to identify ways to support/help foster carers, by making small service improvement (SLaM services) that would be beneficial. Changes are tested via the quality improvement process to analyse if the change has worked. If the change has worked then it becomes permanent and replicated in other boroughs.

The Joint Working Group’s objective is support the Foster Carers as they look to work with other parts of the statutory services to make further improvements along sides the small improvement driven by SLaM.

A questionnaire has been created and disseminated by members of the IAG, SLaM staff and Croydon Foster Carers to get a better understanding of the issues that Foster Carers face day to day and to identify possible ideas that could be taken forward as projects within SLaM to improve experiences for you Foster Carers.

The questionnaire has been analysed and Feedback will be presented back the foster Carers in the month of June.

A focus group was due take place in May, which was cancelled due to Covid 19.  We are in process of arranging the Focus Group to get a clearer understanding of the information that came out of the questionnaires.  

if you would like to be part of the Focus Group, please contact Caroline on

    [honeypot email]