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Expert Patients Programme (EPP)

Improve your health and take more control

Do you have a long-term health condition? Do you want to boost your health and wellbeing and feel more confident to manage your condition?

Then join our Expert Patients Programme (EPP) – a free course for any adult living with one or more long-term health condition in Croydon. We are looking to particularly support people with hypertension (high blood pressure), COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and diabetes.

The six-week course is designed to boost your health and wellbeing, find solutions to common problems and help you feel more confident to manage your condition.

The course is also available to those caring for someone with a long-term health condition.

Weekly sessions cover a range of topics including:
• Managing symptoms
• Dealing with pain and tiredness
• Coping with feelings of depression and anxiety
• Healthy eating
• Exercise
• Managing stress
• Planning for the future
• Communicating with family, friends and health care professionals
• Finding other health services in the community
The programme complements the care and support you already receive from healthcare
professionals and will make you aware of other services and resources available in your area.

Who is this course for?
Any adult living in Croydon who has one or more long-term health condition. A long-term condition is an illness that cannot be cured but can usually be controlled with medicines or other treatments.
Examples of long-term conditions include arthritis, asthma, chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, epilepsy, heart failure and high blood pressure (hypertension).

How has EPP helped other people?
People who have taken part in the course have reported that it has helped them to:
• Feel confident and more in control of their life
• Manage their condition and treatment together with healthcare professionals
• Be realistic about the impact of their condition on themselves and their family
• Use their new skills and knowledge to improve their quality of life

Who runs the course?
Each course is delivered by two fully trained people. One or both will have a personal experience of living with a long-term health condition.

How is it structured?

Each course runs for two and a half hours a week, for six weeks. Refreshment breaks will be included.

Who else will be on the course?
There will be a maximum of 16 people on each course and there will be an opportunity at the end of each session to chat and get to know the other people in your group. All participants will have different long-term conditions.

Do I need to pay?
No, it’s free.

How can I take part in a course?
The course is open to self-referrals as well as referrals from doctors and other professionals. Please contact us for more information or to register on a course.

To register on a course, or for more information, contact:
Gifty Nmaju, BME Forum EPP Coordinator
Tel: 020 8684 3719

Course dates – 2021
There will be a number of courses running in Croydon. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, current programmes will be running online via Zoom.

Please contact us for more information.

Course Seven

Date Times Week
Thursday 26th August 10am – 11am ‘Week 0’
Thursday 2nd September 10am – 12.30pm Week 1
Thursday 9th September 10am – 12.30pm Week 2
Thursday 16th September 10am – 12.30pm Week 3
Thursday 23rd September 10am – 12.30pm Week 4
Thursday 30th September 10am – 12.30pm Week 5
Thursday 7th October 10am – 12.30pm Week 6

Course Eight

Date Times Week
Friday 27th August 9.30am-10.30am ‘Week 0’
Friday 3rd September 9.30am – 12pm Week 1
Friday 10th September 9.30am – 12pm Week 2
Friday 17th September 9.30am – 12pm Week 3
Friday 1st October 9.30am – 12pm Week 4
Friday 8th October 9.30am – 12pm Week 5
Friday 15th October 9.30am – 12pm Week 6