Photo Gallery

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Croydon Refugee Community
Queens Jubilee Party

EMHIP Launch Dinner

Opening of
Wellness Centre 2020

Have Your Say
Election Special 

Black History Month
Launch 2019

C.U.T it out 2019
Croydon Unites Together 

Croydon Unites Together Part 2 

Croydon Has Talent

Mayor of London
Sadiq Khan visit

Theme Launch Black History 2019

Croydon Youth summit 2018

Windrush Generation 2018

Black History Month 2018

International Older Peoples Day

Diabetes Workshop

BTEG & BME Youth Forum 

Black History Theme launch 2018

Social Isolation & BME Older People

Community Leadership Training

Coffee and Play Day

Creation Healthy Eating Workshops

BHM 2014 – History for Tomorrow

BHM 2017 – Organisation Event

BHM 2016 – Our Young Achievers

BHM 2015 – Women in leadership