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Get together for 60+

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The Get together for 60+

During Covid-19 lockdown, we have all experienced a big change in the way we communicate with people around us. Older people have often told us how hard it is to stay at home and not being able to go to groups and join the activities they are usually enjoy.
To help people aged 60+ socialise with their peers, in May 2020 we set up the Get together for 60+, a weekly Zoom meeting that also offers the opportunity of learning new skills and getting information through a variety of talks.
We meet every Wednesday at 3pm on Zoom to connect and be together for one hour. Older people can suggest topics of interest and we invite speakers who answer their questions. 

Anyone aged 60+ in Croydon and beyond can take part. All you need is a smart phone or a tablet, iPad or PC.

For more information, please contact Anna D’Agostino, Community Development Worker, 
Croydon BME Forum. Tel: 020 8684 3719 or email