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Patient Carer Race Equality Framework (PCREF)

What is the PCREF approach?

PCREF was a recommendation from the national Mental Health Act Review to eliminate the unacceptable racial disparity this Trust (in common with most Mental Health Trusts) see in Access, Experience and Outcomes (AEO) and to significantly improve the trust and confidence of Black communities in our services

The PCREF Programme is a partnership between the Trust and host organisations, Croydon BME Forum and Lambeth Black Thrive. Our partnership brings together Trust staff and Black service users, their carers and communities to jointly develop the PCREF – Please join us!

What is happening now?

We are currently rolling out phase two of the programme, focusing on the ten national organizational competencies identified by NHS England in addition to two local organizational competencies that were identified during the first phase. These are the skills and practices the trust needs to focus on, to improve the way we offer and deliver services so that equity is achieved.

What have we done so far? 

In partnership with Black Thrive and SLam, between November 2020 and January 2021, a phase of pre-engagement our three groups – Black community members, people who use our services and their carers, and staff. This involved going out to meet people where they are and initiating conversations about PCREF. This was followed by a specific event for each group called ‘Fit for Partnership’ to explore how we can work together as staff, members of the Black community, service users and carers.

In February 2021, we will delivered four borough-based events in Lambeth, Southwark, Croydon and Lewisham. These were co-hosted by SLaM borough Service Directors and each borough Independent Advisory Group. Here we discussed quantitative and qualitative information gathered on AEO of the ethnic groups identified and discuss what areas we should focus on next.

In February 2021, we held a Trust-wide event to bring together all perspectives and identify an overarching approach to focus on in the next phase of developing our PCREF approach and key areas that the Trust needs to improve, to better meet the needs of the local Black community.

Get involved?

Have your say – PCREF Questionnaire

We really want to base our PCREF work on the experiences of black people when using our mental health services, their carers and networks, local black community members and staff, and to get their views and suggestions on how these services can be improved.

This information will help us make sure we are hearing from all communities.

We will process your data in accordance with the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.

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Activists and Allies Programme

We know there are lots of people who are passionate about PCREF and are keen to get involved and be part of the movement to redesign mental health care for black people. This is why we are developing the PCREF Activists and Allies programme for anyone who wants to learn more, share their experiences and ideas, contribute to the work on organizational competencies, and help us spread the word so more people can get involved.

If you are a service user or carer, get in touch with the PCREF team by emailing for more information.

Staff: There is an open invitation to join this journey, particularly community members, service users and their carers who identify as Black African, Black Caribbean, Black Other and Mixed ethnic backgrounds. Equally, the invitation is for staff with frontline work experience to join this journey bringing their valuable knowledge and ideas to improve services to better meet the needs of the diverse communities we support.

Activists: Become a PCREF activist and help transform access, experience and outcomes for Black community members, Black service users and their carers. This will involve taking part in several engagement events and other activities. There will also be opportunities to learn and contribute together on the themes of anti-racism and decolonising mental health services. If you are interested in joining the partnership on this journey towards anti-racism and equity, please consider becoming a PCREF Activist.

Carers: We are inviting Black Service Users and their Carers and Trust staff to complete an online questionnaire for NHS England, where you will be able to share experiences and views on NHS mental health services. Your views and opinions will help to inform the development of the PCREF programme and contribute to the change that is so greatly needed.