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Black History Month 2019

Every year in October, Croydon joins the rest of the UK in celebrating black history month.
Croydon BME Forum are working with Croydon Council to celebrate Black History Month in Croydon.

This year’s theme – R.I.D THE STIGMA (Representation. Identity. Diversity) will provide a focus on Black heritage and how young people feel they are seen negatively in the community, and want to change that by ridding the stigma and focusing on their true representation, identifying who they are and incorporating the diversity of all the different cultures and heritage to rid the stigma around young Black people.

With nearly 50 events across the borough during October, many of them free to attend, there’s something for everyone to enjoy including musical performances, film viewings, book discussions, history sessions, networking events and more.

MOPAC – Community seed fund 2018-2019

The MOPAC bid is designed to bring together five local groups
(ANOS,Jam Total Sport,Music Relief, Lions Society, Rising stars support and Mula Cake)from Croydon to participate in a 12 month training programme which will,

  • Tackle the key issues regarding Serious Youth Violence in Croydon
  • Supporting groups to improve the development of their services, business acumen, fundraising, networking which will lead to them adopting sustainable models to continue their work after funding ends.

The time frame will be over 10 months (May 2018 – March 2019)

The overarching strategic aim of the project is ‘to bring together and better support the development of the BAME communities of Croydon through a co-ordinated approach we call ‘promise neighbourhood’. Through this approach, we aim to:

  • Create resilient neighbourhoods by developing capacities of organisations working with BAME communities;
  • Create a tipping point for change so that BAME communities are better supported to deliver their objectives;
  • Provide effective leadership and a vision so necessary to develop capacity, learning and partnership working.

Croydon BME Forum Launches Black History Month 2018

Every year in October, Croydon joins the rest of the UK in celebrating black history month.
Croydon BME Forum are working with Croydon Council and PALACE FOR LIFE FOUNDATION to create the marquee event to celebrate Black History Month in Croydon.

The theme of this year’s Black History Month is “HEROES TO HERITAGE”.

This is our 5th year celebrating Black history month acknowledging those who have gone before us in history to make marvellous contributions to the world, as well as celebrating those who continue to do so in order to inspire a new generation of leaders.

  • 2017 – Celebrating Communities – a tribute to Black Institutions
  • 2016 – Young Achievers
  • 2015 – Women in Leadership
  • 2014 – History for Tomorrow

The speakers included Metropolitan Police’s Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt, who praised Croydon for its partnership work in tackling youth violence, which he held up Met wide as ‘good practice’.
The 11-24year-olds put their questions and concerns to him, and to a wide range of senior borough representatives, including, Chief Superintendent Jeff Boothe, Croydon Council Leader, Tony Newman and MPs Sarah Jones and Steve Reed.

Gwenton Sloley from Crying Sons (an organisation set up to support boys and men caught up in gangs and serious violence) was also there to offer support, along with, Councillor Hamida Ali, Cabinet Member for Safer Croydon and Communities. Councillor, Alisa Flemming, Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Learning and William Awomoyi – Croydon Youth Mayor.

The free event, at BRIT School, was organised by Croydon BME Forum, with support from Croydon Council, 20 young people and community organisations and a network of professional services who support young people.

Black History Month 2017- “Celebrating Communities: A Tribute to Black Institutions”

We launched the 2017 Black History Month theme in February, earlier than in previous years, to give organisations and individuals ample time to to plan event and activities in line with the theme.

The theme of this year’s Black History Month is “Celebrating Communities a Tribute to Black Institutions”.  The parameters set for the theme is to celebrate the many BME voluntary and community sector organisations in Croydon who have been in operation for 10 years or more.   This will include organisations such as the Croydon Caribbean Credit Union which is celebration 50 years in Croydon this year.

We will be be using this opportunity to showcase the work of these organisations to the wider communities of Croydon.

Profiling your events

If you would like your event/s to be promoted by Croydon council please, for example through our website (which will go live nearer the time) and in other literature, you will need to email the details by Friday 14th July 2017 to:  Some really good events have already been submitted so far. Please do keep them coming in so that your event can be publicise.

In addition, if you have any photographs from previous events or that are associated with your event that you have permission to share please send them over as they may be able to feature some in the programme.

Support from Croydon BME Forum

Croydon BME Forum will be supporting organisations to plan, promote and deliver events.  We are also offering free venue for Black History events from October to December 2017.

We also offer support and advice for fundraising and securing key guests (speakers and performers) for activities.

For local funding opportunities please visit:

We look forward to all the excellent celebrations this year.

Croydon BME Forum Launches Black History Month 2016

Croydon BME Forum, in partnership with Croydon Council, will today launch Black History Month 2016.   The theme selected by the Black History Month committee for 2016 is “Our Young Achievers”; this is to recognise the contribution of young people to the civil rights movement and to inspire young people today to stand up for equality and justice.  It is also an opportunity to celebrate our young achievers of today, recognising the numerous young people who are achieving across different sectors, promoting a more positive image of black and minority young people.

The event, which will hold at the Community Space, Bernard Weatherill House at 6pm, marks the start of a month long series of events across the borough, focussing on different aspects of black history.  Croydon BME Forum has offered free space and support for organisations who want to put up activities for the month.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the event.