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Croydon Celebrates Black History Month: Women in Leadership

Tuesday 6th October Croydon BME Forum welcomed back The Apprentice 2014 finalist and founder of Bianca Miller London, Miss Bianca Miller; who gave a keynote speech at the Croydon Launch of Black History Month.

bhm7October is the month in which we celebrate Black History:

  • Remembering people, places and events from the African Diaspora and the BME women that have made a historical impact.
  • Profiling women who are making history today.
  • Documenting or preserving this heritage to pass on to future generations, with a reference to local history.
  • Profiling traditions and communities through stories, festivals, crafts, dance and costumes to enhance cultural understanding and appreciation.
  • Croydon celebrates black history all year by highlighting events and activities for all the community to enjoy. This year’s theme also profiles women in leadership and this is reflected in the events taking place.

Bianca Miller and Mayor of Croydon, Patricia Hay-Justice

The Croydon theme this year is Women in Leadership.

As a finalist of The apprentice 2014 and Entrepreneur Bianca Miller,  a former Croydon resident born and raised here in Croydon is a worthy candidate of a future woman in Leadership.

Throughout the month of October many events will be taking place in Croydon and a few happening right here at the Croydon BME Forum such as Pauline Dawkins an author from Croydon, who will be launching her new book ‘The Left Behind’ on 16th October 2015 a book with personal references and accounts of other peoples similar experiences of children being left at home in the Caribbean and the challenges they face with their parent in the Uk.

There are also family event such as Yoruba Village Square (which you do not have to be Yoruba descendant to attend) will be holding an event on the 24th October 2015. A discussion will be held looking at the role of Yoruba woman in creating the building blocks which makes the different Yoruba societies and so the Yoruba nation.

Nero Ughwujabo, chief executive of Croydon BME Forum said “Black History Month is becoming more relevant and we in Croydon have focused on making Black History particularly relevant to young people.  We are delighted to see so many people running activities and encourage all of you to participate.”

The event was very full to capacity and very well received.  Some of the special guest in attendance included the worshipful Mayor, Mayor of Croydon, Patricia Hay Justice; the Leader of the Council, Cllr Tony Newman, Cabinet member for Communities, Safety and Justice, Cllr Mark Watson, Cabinet member for Children, Young People and and Learning, Cllr Alisa Flemming and Cabinet member for Families Health and Social Care, Louisa Woodley.

Photos from the event

Croydon BME Forum Launches Black History Month 2016

Croydon BME Forum, in partnership with Croydon Council, will today launch Black History Month 2016.   The theme selected by the Black History Month committee for 2016 is “Our Young Achievers”; this is to recognise the contribution of young people to the civil rights movement and to inspire young people today to stand up for equality and justice.  It is also an opportunity to celebrate our young achievers of today, recognising the numerous young people who are achieving across different sectors, promoting a more positive image of black and minority young people.

The event, which will hold at the Community Space, Bernard Weatherill House at 6pm, marks the start of a month long series of events across the borough, focussing on different aspects of black history.  Croydon BME Forum has offered free space and support for organisations who want to put up activities for the month.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the event.