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Training on offer 

In partnership with a diverse group of mental health professionals and providers supporting the Black Minority and Ethnic communities in Croydon. Empowering people towards better mental and physical wellbeing, we offer an exciting range of training events and activities to help people to improve their mental wellbeing, physical health, social and daily living skills.

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Latest Training Offer

Safeguarding Children’s Training Level 3

Multi-agency training based on the core competencies as outlined in the DFE Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 and the London Child Protection Procedures

Learning Objectives

  • Recognition of abuse and common obstacles
  • Sharing information and analysis
  • Understanding multi agency working
  • Identify professional blind spots
  • Understand agency roles and responsibilities
  • Understand role of Croydon Safeguarding Children’s Partnership
  • Benefits of effective Safeguarding Supervision
  • Understand more of the local needs
  • Local Safeguarding Practice Reviews and how they explore how practice can be improved more generally through changes to the system.

Who is this training for?

Professionals and volunteers who work regularly or intensely with children and young people and their families If you have not completed any safeguarding training, you should complete Safeguarding Level 1 and 2 E learning prior to attending this course

Date Time Venue
14th September 2022 9:30 – 15:00 MS Teams
24th November 2022 9:30 – 15:00 MS Teams
24th January 2023 9:30 – 15:00 MS Teams
16th March 2023 9:30 – 15:00 MS Teams

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Challenging Disproportionality – assessing the Extra Familial Risk for Black Male Children & their families

o want ‘Croydon’s Safeguarding Children’s Partnerships to design a programme of learning to ensure practitioners are skilled in undertaking assessments and carrying out work with children and families from black and ethnic minority communities. This is specifically in relation to practitioners competently assessing the impact of the additional risk’s black children (particularly black boys) face in the context of contextual safeguarding (extra familial harm)’

                                                                                                     Child A, Safeguarding Practice Review, 2020`

This series of 4 four-hour workshops will allow practitioners to build on their existing skills and knowledge regarding risk assessing and working with specifically black male children and complete safety plans.

Research has identified that Black young people, particularly Black male children, are experiencing additional risks, which can lead to complexities in the assessment process and continuing work.

Practitioners and others need to be proficient in considering and weighing up issues such as individual, familial, community/contextual risks on the impact on the behaviours of the child/young person.

o increase their knowledge of substances and the emotional/physical impact they have on individuals

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Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the difference between a planned and dynamic risk assessment and the importance of the ongoing review of any work undertaken with the young person.
  • Utilise Professional Curiosity more effectively.
  • Exploring Unconscious bias
  • Demonstrate the use of tools to engage young black male children.
  • Complete a Risk Assessment with the young person.
  • Complete a Safety Plan with the young person.

Who is this training for?
This course is suitable for any staff from the Statutory/Voluntary sector who work with children and/or young people and their families.
Date Time Venue

15th November 2022 10:00 – 2:00 MS Teams
12th January 2023 10:00 – 2:00 MS Teams
14th March 2023 10:00 – 2:00 MS Teams

To book a place please got to and follow the instructions.

Any queries please contact

To book a place please got to and follow the instructions.

Any queries please contact