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Croydon BME Forum is the only umbrella organisations for Croydon’s BME VCO. We have been operating in the borough since 2002 and have built up a strong membership as well as an excellent track record of delivering capacity building interventions.

We are members of a partnership including the local Council, who developed the capacity building toolkit in Croydon, used by all agencies (public and voluntary). We also have strong representation links being the BME representative on the Croydon Strategic Partnership, its Chief Executive’s Group and its themed partnerships; as well as other key decision making bodies in the borough.

We have a good track record of delivery innovation and are seen as a good practice organisation nationally. We have received visits from organisations across the country having been recommended by public sector agencies and government. We have provided credible support to BME voluntary organisations and have good evidence base for our success in supporting projects and in bringing additional resources to the borough.

Below are some of our key highlights:

  • Received £8000 from the Martin Lewis Emergency Fund to help with the recovery during Covid-19. Activities include providing Cultural Relevant food to the over. 60s.
  • Secured £34,000 from The Big Lottery to develop and work with the BAME Community.
  • Secured £49,736 from MOPAC to deliver training and support to grassroots organisations who provide activities for those affected by Knife Crime 
  • Successful campaign for the establishment of the Equalities and Cohesion Partnership
  • 140 organisations accessing support: funds raised in excess of 3 million pounds examples include £75k for Croydon Mentoring Consortium, £10k for Steeright, £30k for Tutu Foundation, £9k for Elmwood Community Centre.
  • Beacon Partner Award in Croydon’s Beacon award – ‘Increasing Voluntary Sector Service Delivery’.
  • Beacon Partner Award in Croydon’s Beacon award for the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) and our Local Area Agreement (LAA).
  • Secured £500k for South London BME Partnership.
  • Secured Croydon Links Contract in Partnership with CVA.
  • Secured £500k for Capacity Building in partnership with CVA, CPHA and ARCC.
  • Successful BME Summits including BME Mental Health Mind-the-Gap report Launch, Delivered Race Equality in Health and Community Question Time in partnership with the Voice Newspaper.
  • Over 60 organisations went through sustained Capacity Building Support.
  • Running numerous training workshops for member organisations covering different strands of capacity building including Business Planning, Managing Finance, Communications and Partnership.
  • Bringing external funders to Croydon for our Meet The Funders sessions
  • Significant increase in membership and following on social media, particularly on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Informing members of developments in the sector including funding information, policy issues and new initiatives.
  • Annual Black History Month launched successfully by Ed Miliband, former leader of the Labour Party and Bianca Miller, a former runner-up on the BBC’s The Apprentice.
  • Lead organisation for the South London BME Partnership and fund holder of Capacity Builder’s funding of £440k.
  • Delivering BME Mental Health Community Development Workers Project in Partnership with Off the Record for 10 years and continuing.
  • Member of the National Coalition for Race Equality and contributing to national policy development.
  • Working with Big Lottery to increase Lottery funding to Croydon Organisations.
  • Member of Croydon’s External Funding Group,  We have been actively involved in the following, development of the Croydon Strategic Partnership, the work on developing a long term vision for Croydon and the Opportunity and Fairness Commission.