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Welcome to the Long-term conditions (LTC) project page.  Croydon BME (CBME) Forum in partnership with Asian Resource Centre Croydon (ARCC) are working with the community on behalf of the South West London Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Croydon NHS, to provide the local community with education and support in managing three long-term conditions on the increase in Croydon.

These conditions are; 

High Blood Pressure

Type 2 Diabetes 

Respiratory Illnesses

Summary of Findings

  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) have a higher risk of developing long term conditions such as high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and at a younger age.
  • 23% of the Croydon Population has two or more long term conditions between 2015 – 2017.
  • The burden of LTC on patient lives from poor management has led to an increase in the number of strokes, amputations and recurrent emergency admissions for care associated with Cardiovascular disease (CVD) Respiratory and Diabetes Problems.

Community Champion Volunteers Croydon BME Forum needs you! 

Croydon BME Forum are here to support the community.  It is our intention to increase the awareness and information provided to our harder-to-reach communities, who do not regularly access GP’s or the NHS services. We will educate you on risk factors, provide sign posting to health and wellbeing practitioners / professionals, and support you using encouragement and coaching to help develop a healthier society.  It is our mission to leave a health literacy legacy for future generations.

The project will focus on reaching out to BME communities to; 

  • Identify those already diagnosed with 1 or more long-term conditions
  • Provide support to those diagnosed so they can self-manage their condition(s) with the necessary support from their health practitioners
  • Educate the undiagnosed population on the risk factors of developing these conditions in the near future
  • Teach management of these risks to reduce the likelihood of the condition occurring, or provide support on diagnosis.

One of our goals is to filter educational information and support through volunteers in the local community, so that the support can be localised.   

We are looking for volunteers from influencers, leaders, health advocates and supporters of social prescribing from within the Croydon Community.

We believe you have built sustainable relationships with residents and can help share health literacy, coaching and signposting to relevant services. You also can  provide a local dialogue between our funders and the needs of the community.

No previous experience is necessary for this role.

Free training and support will be provided to our community champion volunteers as well as reimbursement of specified expenses incurred. To apply for this role view the volunteer role description attached and email a copy of your CV, with a short statement about what you can bring to this role.

If you have further questions …

Contact Diane –  Mobile:07562 177 008 or Email: Clare@bmeforum.org

Contact Viknesh Mobile 07759 257 487 or Email: Viknesh@bmeforum.org


Part of the project will be to invite you to a series of live events where participants can attend to receive free risk factor health checks , meet with health and wellbeing professionals from the Croydon borough and collect information that will empower management of LTC’S and the future likelihood of delivering one of the conditions.

For more information on the Long Terms Condition Programme please fill in the form below.

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