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Who We Are

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Trustees and Staff

Our Trustees are responsible for the overall management and decision-making of the organisation. All of our Trustees are volunteers and they help plan the strategic future of our charity. They are involved in the development and managing of staff and volunteers and making policy decisions. 

Paulette Lewis (Chair)
Ashok Kumar (Vice Chair)
Chandra Babu (Treasurer)
Vivienne Witter (Secretary)
Patrick Reid (Board Member)
Ghazala Mirza (Board Member)
Malti Patel (Board Member)

Staff Name

Andrew Brown (Chief Executive)
Gifty (Finance and operations Manager)
Caroline (BME Mental Health Community Development Worker)
•Epiphany (BME Mental Health Community Development Worker) 
•Keleisha (Mental Health Personal Independence Co-Ordinator)
(Mental Health Personal Independence Co-Ordinator)
•Candice (Mental Health Personal Independence Co-Ordinator)
Suman (Mental Health Personal Independence Co-Ordinator)
Nadine (Communications Officer)
•Lisa (Project Outreach Officer)
•Debi  (Project Co-Ordinator)
•Stella (Partnership Co-Ordinator)
•Deborah (Healthy Homes  Energy Co-Ordinator)
•Sarah (Digital Administrator)
•Felisha (PCREF Manager)

•Iqra (Junior Business Finance Administrator)
•Tanya (Mental Health Wellbeing Advisor)
•Shaiydean (My Ends Capacity Builder)
Sharon N – (Business Administrator)
Jaydee (Business Administrator)
Daniel (Project Coordinator-Young Londoner’s Fund)
•Soudhath (LTC Project CoOrdinator)
•Viknesh (LTC Project CoOrdinator)

Croydon Health and Wellbeing Space
•Amina (Senior Support Worker)
(Support Worker)
•Shelly   (Domestic Abuse Support Worker)
•Elvio (Team Manager)