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Croydon Talking Therapies and the Croydon BME Forum are working together to address barriers Black and Ethnic Minority Groups and communities in Croydon may face, when trying to access mental health support services. Funding has been given to engage with community groups in Croydon, to increase service awareness and boost the number of referrals. This will ensure everyone can quickly receive the mental health support that is best for them.

Croydon Talking Therapies Information: Croydon Talking Therapies service is an NHS service providing confidential short-term psychological therapies (or talking therapies) to those that are registered with a Croydon GP and that are over the age of 17.  Croydon Talking Therapies service offers support for common mental health difficulties such as stress, excessive worry, feeling down or depressed, trouble sleeping, lacking motivation or coping with difficult life events.

The service also offers specialist support if you’re finding it hard to cope with the impact of a long-term health conditions or wanting to get back to work.  Croydon Talking Therapies service encourages those in the borough of Croydon to make contact via self-referral when they first notice they are starting to struggle. By accessing support early, the service can support you to develop the strategies you need to improve your wellbeing. Contact Croydon Talking Therapies service for more information.

Languages: The Croydon Talking Therapies website and online referral can be viewed in several languages which includes Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil and Urdu. Please see the screen shot below.

Contact Information: Email or call 020 8684 3719