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Croydon Health and Wellbeing Space


The Croydon Health and Wellbeing Space will be located in the Whitgift Centre in central Croydon. It is a partnership between the NHS, Croydon BME Forum and Mind in Croydon designed to focus and emphasise on providing better access to mental health services and support for people who have not previously engaged with support, including BME communities. The Space will combine clinical mental health and social care expertise under one roof to improve access, experience and outcomes. The pilot Space is for the central area of Croydon and will cater to the needs of all communities struggling with mental health issues. It will be an open access via the website and by physically attending the Space in person.

Mental Health Transformation Programme:

The Croydon Population is estimated to grow by approximately 12% over the next 15 years and prevalence of all mental illnesses is also likely to increase due to changes in demographics. It is important to note that mental health problems are more common in children in households with lowest 20% of income and 10,261 people live in areas across Croydon, considered to be within the 10% most deprived in the whole country. Therefore, a change was required in order to successfully respond to the needs of our growing community. Additionally, services often feel fragmented, hard to access, poorly tailored to different Ethnic minorities and too focused on crisis and not prevention. The lack of focus on prevention means there are higher numbers of ward admissions throughout hospitals.

The Transformation Programme aims to diminish these issues and provide improved access experience and outcomes for the residents of Croydon.

Mental Health Transformation Programme:

The Croydon Health and Wellbeing Space is a result of the Mental Health Transformation Programme, we aim to focus on prevention rather than crisis. The evidence suggests that there is not enough support to prevent poor mental health. Therefore, the Space will act as prevention by providing support such as self-care management, which could include setting up a plan that focuses on wellbeing. The clinical team will include a psychologist who will be in the Space 5 days a week to provide support to those who need it. This is a huge step for mental health services as psychologists are often perceived as hard to reach, knowing that
there is a psychologist who is easily accessible will hopefully avert mental health crises.
For those who do not feel comfortable attending the physical Space, we will facilitate this by making sure our website is a reflection of the experience you would receive in person.

The Partnership:

We are proud to be working in partnership with the South West London CCG and Mind in Croydon to deliver this project.
The CCG is responsible for planning, commissioning and buying health services for people living in the borough of Croydon. The CCG ensure that people benefit from convenient and high-quality healthcare services whenever you need them. Mind in Croydon is a charity dedicated to helping people with mental health issues and started in 1967. Having grown from a tiny organisation to now having a nearly new shop in Purley. Mind provide high-quality and expert services to well over 1500 people every year, as the level of need increases so does the team at Mind in order to continue providing support to the people who need it.

Address: Unit 1101-1102, Whitgift Centre, 21 North End, Croydon CR0 1UP
Next to Holland and Barrett

Contact Information: Email or call 0203 154 9539