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Campaigning in partnership


There are times when a campaign should be carried out by a specialist organisation which has niche knowledge of an issue but in most situations there is a good argument for collaborative campaigning. Though there are inevitably challenges presented by such an approach, th

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Involving beneficiaries


Participation is key to any campaign giving people a voice to influence the decisions that affect their lives. What ever the term you use, beneficiaries, users, clients orpartners, involving who you represent and placing them at theheart of your campaigning is not only positi

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A learning organisation


Definition A learning organisation is a place: "where people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning

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Managing risk


All organisations regardless of size or the area they operate in face risk. It could be the risk of losing money, of injuring clients, of bad publicity or of losing key staff or volunteers.  The board can take steps to avoid or reduce risk, to transfer it (for example, by

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Aims, objectives and outcomes


An organisation should be clear about its aims and objectives. Once aims and objectives are clear, it will be easier to agree on planned outputs, outcomes and impacts. Aims Aims are the changes that an organisation is trying to achieve. Objectives Objectives are the methods or

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What is a trustee?


What is a trustee? Trustees have the overall legal responsibility for a charity. The law describes charity trustees as ‘the persons having the general control and management of the administration of a charity’ (Charities Act 1993, section 97). It is very important that

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Getting started in governance


Having a good understanding of governance is key to the successful operation of any organisation.  This section provides you with all the essential information you will need. Governance basics An introduction to governance An introduction to the important area of governance an

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Team leadership


Team leadership plays a major part in a team’s success or failure. Leading a small operations team may not compare with the challenges of leading a large complex organisation. However it is worth viewing it in the context of leadership in general. Team leaders need to be able t

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Staff retention and losing staff


Sometimes the loss of a staff member is unavoidable. In other situations, it could have been prevented, and sometimes an employer is forced to remove an employee. In this section you will find information on:- Staff retention and loss - an introduction How to encoura

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A leader’s essential actions


There are umpteen versions of the ingredients of leadership. We find that the most useful approach is to offer a short definition and then to describe five essential features.  A definition Consistently achieving results beyond expectations by creating a climate in which

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