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Planning for quality improvement

Reaching a shared understanding about quality Before you can engage in assessing and improving quality, it is helpful to reach a shared understanding. It is important to be clear about: the aims and objectives of adopting quality standards how quality sits alongside other man

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Clarity about purpose and strategy

The trustee board or non profit board is responsible for ensuring that the charity or non profit is clear about why it exists and how it will bring about its goals. It needs to ensure that the organisation is indeed making progress towards its goals. Charity trustees have a lega

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Project management

Being a project manager can be compared to being a conductor of an orchestra. A conductor has to get all the musicians to play together so they create beautiful music, appreciated by the audience. In the same way, a project manager has to get all the people and resources working

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Board succession planning

Board succession planning is a way of ensuring a board remains effective by maintaining a steady supply of trustees with relevant skills and attributes.The rules governing the appointment of new trustees and their term of office (length of appointment) are usually set out in a c

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An introduction to strategy

What is strategy? How do we link strategy to performance so that we can really: maximise our impact get full value from our activities make sure we are doing the right things as well as doing them right?  Strategy: a definition, if you are new to strategy, start here. V

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Definitions of strategy

Strategy can be seen as a means of mobilising an organisation to get to its future. Here are some statements which illustrate the impact of having a strategy and the benefits to the organisation. Strategy is about giving an organisation purpose and direction, motivating trustee

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Tips for chief executives in difficult times

The following list is a collection of actions which leaders have suggested are vital during difficult times: Appear calm and cheerful.Get close to the action – show that you realise the stresses which people are under.More than ever, be a role model for the organisation’s v

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Capacity building: a case study

About Insight Radio Insight Radio is an exciting new radio station from RNIB. It communicates the needs, interests and aspirations of blind and partially sighted people throughout the UK.The radio station was originally set up to broadcast as an internet radio station for a f

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A chief executive’s first 100 days

More has been written about leadership than any other aspect of human behaviour in the past 30 years but most of it is not time specific. It also doesn’t address the particular needs of a newly appointed chief executive in a non profit organisation. An article in Harvard Busi

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Evaluating outcomes and impact

As well as information on the meaning and importance of impact, this page also provides information on: Getting help with evaluating outcomes and impact Outcomes-based accountability Social accounting Social return on investment (SROI) What is impact? The term 'impact' is us

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